Laser surgery of the retina and laser sight correction in Moscow (Russia)

Dr. Alexander Rodin is an eye care professional committed to excellence in ophthalmology and dedicated to the safety and comfort of his patients. He is a unique eye care professional practicing in Canada and Russia as General Ophthalmologist and Optometrist.

He is dedicated to fully educating patients about their eye health, and strives to be their partner in health.


Dr. Rodin received his Medical Degree from The Moscow Medical Academy. Dr. Rodin completed his residency and fellowship in Ophthalmology at the Eye Disease Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Medical Science. After completion of his fellowship, Dr. Rodin completed a research thesis and received PhD in Ophthalmology.

In 2004 Dr. Rodin started working at the "New Line Vision” clinic (Moscow) as a head of the retinal department and later he joined “Vision” clinic as the consultant and refractive surgeon.

Dr. Rodin has published a book for ophthalmologists,  'Biomicroretinometry' — the first Russian monograph on the diagnostics of the retinal diseases with optical coherence tomography.

In 2007 - 2013 Dr. Rodin has been appointed as an Assistant Professor in Ophthalmology Department of Moscow State University. As a scientist and course instructor he was involved in a number of clinical studies including a clinical research on corneal collagen crosslinking and  developed a novel retinal image recognition software for the telemedicine.

In 2009 Dr. Rodin established the first Russian online retinal images reading centre - an innovative platform for communication between patients and their eye care providers.

In 2013 Dr. Rodin received a Masters degree in Health Informatics from the University of Toronto and completed a program in Optometry at the University of Waterloo (ON). He was practicing Optometry in the Province of Ontario providing comprehensive eye exams in Oakville and Richmond Hill.

In 2017 Dr. Alexander Rodin launched the Canadian Eye Care Centre in Moscow: a unique evidence based eye care clinic in Russian Federation providing comprehensive eye exams according to the Western standards of professional care.

Dr. Rodin is one of the few Russian ophthalmologists who successfully challenged board exams in Optometry in Canada. His qualifications and clinical knowledge are deemed equivalent to the Doctor of Optometry graduates of the University of Waterloo (Canada).

Research Interests

• New modalities of the retinal imaging
• Image recognition technology in Ophthalmology
• Mobile and Web solutions for the eye doctors and their patients


Publications in Peer Reviewed Scientific Journals

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Appointment Scheduling

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Rodin in Moscow please call  8 (800) 555 49 01 or + 7 (495) 241 62 08

Address: "Spectr" Eye Clinic, Moscow, Proezd Berezovoy Roschi, 12.
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